Monday, 21 May 2012

Learn about Western Sahara straight from the Saharwi People

 I believe that the profile of Western Sahara has been raised dramatically in the last year. Although there is still a serious lack of coverage regarding the occupation in the mainstream news-media, social networking sites have enabled a dialogue, and offered a previously unheard perspective, first hand from the Sahrawi people. 


I have been thrilled to be able to learn more about the Sahrawi struggle through the people themselves, rather than from biased, under researched articles. I have learned so many new aspects of the struggle, and now when I write an article, I have endless first-hand sources to consult, massively improving the quality of my journalism.

Sand Blast Arts, for example, a human rights and arts charity who work with the Sahrawis to enable them to tell their own story through the arts, have a wonderful Facebook page. The site promotes musicians and artists from Sahrawi descent, giving a platform to be heard from and allowing a broad spectrum of communication. I suggest looking on their page to find out about music nights all over the world and protests which you can attend.

Sahrawi Voice, which started as a blog from the Sahrawi refugee camps, now also has its own Facebook page. This page has a little more of a political feel, and post links to a range of articles covering topics such as phosphate exploitation, and the deliberate negligence of the media. The blog and Facebook page both give an interesting and previously unheard perspective of the Saharwi youth, including videos and articles written and made by young people inside the camp.

Although this blog isn't updated often there are many ways to stay up to date on the Sahrawi struggle for freedom. If you need more help sourcing articles please contact me, always happy to help.

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